Readers Choice

Voted Best Skin Care Provider! Thank You!

Readers Choice

Bella Luz MD was voted the Best Skin Care Provider in the 24th Annual Kerrville Daily Times Reader’s Choice survey. This is the first year for the Best Skin Care Provider category, and Bella Luz MD is thrilled to be honored by the KDT readers!

Everyone at Bella Luz MD works hard every day to gain and keep the trust our Guests place in us with every visit. Out promise is: Big City Results… Hill Country Hospitality.

Thank you Kerrville!


Bella Luz MD Goes Platinum… 2016!


Bella Awarded Platinum Status for 2016!

While Bella Luz MD is thrilled to have been awarded Platinum Status by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella and SkinMedica products, for the third year in a row. That’s fantastic for Bella, but what does it mean for you?

This award means that we are in the top echelon of all Botox and dermal filler injectors in the United States, based on volume. But that volume is generated by the trust our Guests place in us. It reflects our experience, commitment to excellence, and artistic expertise.

Experience Matters for Injectables

Injectables are proven to be safe and effective. There’s no reason to worry about the injection itself – your only concern should be the injector. Most of the potential adverse effects of  injections are due to injector error. You need to know that the injector has experience and knows what works and what doesn’t work.

At Bella Luz MD, our Platinum Status award shows that we’re not new to this. In fact, we’ve been at it since 2006, and continuously take advanced courses to improve our skills and artistry. We know how it’s done, and we know how to achieve a variety of results, so we can take care of your specific concerns.

We Are a Trusted Practice

Our Platinum Status award also shows that we are one of the most trusted practices for Injectables not only in the Kerrville and Fredericksburg area, but in Texas and all of the United States. We are able to achieve high volumes of injections because our Guests trust us, they like the results they get, and they keep coming back.

We see the same Guests every three or four months because they are happy with us and trust us to continue giving them the results they want. And of course we always welcome new Guests!

Bella Luz MD is the only Platinum Status provider in the Kerrville and Fredericksburg area. The status award isn’t just recognition that we perform a lot of injections, it’s validation that Kathy Simmons, RN, BSN, is an injection perfectionist and artist, and it shows.

If you would like to see these great quality results for yourself, please call 830.792.3552 today for a free consultation.

Woman touching skin or applying cream, isolated

Think You’re Too Young for Botox? Think Again.

Woman touching skin or applying cream, isolated
Many younger women have yet to understand the importance of preventive and proactive skin care, and how getting started now on a skin care regimen can pay huge dividends as they age. Even such treatments as Botox can be started earlier than most people think.

It can be said that if you don’t “crease the envelope”, you’ll never get the line. That’s why early use of Botox can prevent the permanent development of deep, inset wrinkles that will not go away if Botox is started after the fact.

Statistically, the average woman begins to show signs of facial aging around the age of 25. The first signs of aging in women are fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) and around the mouth. The “elevens” in the glabella between the eyebrows is common too. These are areas where Botox is the go to remedy.

Bella uses Botox with advanced techniques including Microtox and the Nefertiti Neck Lift. Call today for your free personal skin care consultation to see how Botox may help you bring out your best Glow ever. 830.792.3552

Blog Banner Vanquish

Body Contouring. Lose Fat, Lose Inches.


The revolutionary new fat reduction system is now available at Bella Luz!

It took months to search the market to find a fat reducer that actually works. But we did. What sets Vanquish apart from other systems is:

1) It’s ability to contour the body, and

2) It reduces fat (permanently) AND tightens the skin at the same time. No other system we could find can do all of those important tasks.

And it will do this in as few as four sessions with No Pain, No Cutting, and No Downtime!

Not everyone is a candidate, so call for your free consultation to see if Vanquish is indeed what you have been waiting for to lose those stubborn pooches, love handles and saddle bags…and more!

For more information, we have a web site dedicated to Vanquish, click here: Melt My Fat!



Kerr County People Cover

Bella Luz is featured on the cover of the January/February 2015 Kerr County People Magazine. Inside, you will learn a lot about the history, philosophy and mission of Bella Luz.

This is a company that never stops innovating. We never stop researching the industry and the medical papers to find new products, services and equipment that we can bring to Kerrville to help us help you get the best results possible to achieve your inner and outer body goals.

Over the next weeks, Bella will be rolling out what might be claimed to be it’s most exciting new service yet ~ Vanquish, a fat reduction and body contouring system. We hope our local Guests will be thrilled about this new incredible technology, but we anticipate to be drawing from afar as there are only about half a dozen of these devices in Texas, and none in the Hill Country area. Learn more about Vanquish here: Melt My Fat!

So keep an eye on us via Facebook, our mailing list, and of course, the Bella Blog!


Body Treatments

Now Offering Body Treatments!

We value your business and are always mindful of the trust you place in us on every visit. In this email we are announcing the lastest addition to Bella Luz services – Body Treatments. We hope there will be one that’s just right for you!

The Bellas ~ Kathy, Dr. Miloy, Linda, April and Michelle

body treatment paint 


Our Guests are great at telling us what they would like to see offered at Bella Luz. And we listen! Thanks to your suggestiions, we are now offering Body Treatments that you, and your body, will love.

Book a Body Treatment session today and allow our professionals to pamper your skin from neck-to-toe with our wonderful body collection from Eminence. 

 Invigorate the senses, as dryness and roughness melt away, while hydrating and restoring your skin, leaving it velvety smooth and radiant!

You may customize your treatment just the way you want it.

Combo Special: Pick a Scrub and Pick a Wrap for $95.00 Total and Save $35!

($85 for Bella’s Glow Club members)

Scrubs (pick one) $65

Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub – Vitamin-rich cranberry and pomegranate enhances the skin’s appearance, while a raw sugar scrub exfoliates and buffs.

Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub – Champagne grapes and raw sugar cane granules combine with the amazing healing properties of orange to leave your skin looking youthful.

Wraps (pick one) $65

Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap – Firms and hydrates the body while stimulating circulation to refine and strengthen the appearance of skin’s structure.

Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment (world-famous) – Benefits all skin types. Detoxifies the skin, opens pores, eliminates toxins and increases circulation. Includes cinnamon to fight off bacteria, ivy for vitamin C, sage to tone and heal, and paprika to stimulate and refresh skin.

Pumpkin Cream Body Wrap (limited edition; Fall/Winter) – Hydrating and nutrient-rich soy cream gently exfoliates to renew skin’s appearance while making it look soft, supple and youthful.

Or Pick

Herbal Cellulite Treatment Wrap (The Extra Perk – Add-on Cost: $30.00; Bella’s Glow Club: $20.00) – Regenerating and toning body wrap that helps increase the appearance of elasticity. Paprika and stinging nettle help stimulating and energize the appearance of skin for a healthy looking glow, while honey nourishes and hydrates.


Bella Luz Gif Certificates are perfect as a Thank You to someone special, or for birthdays and special occasions. You may purchase and instantly download a Bella Luz Gift Certificate that is good for everything Bella by following this link:  Purchase an Instant Gift Certificate

Bella's Glow Club  

Not a Bella Glow Club member yet? We have recently re-opened the Glow Club for membership enrollment. It’s the best program going to reward great customers with great benefits! The two most popular benefits are the FREE monthly Xpress Facial and $9.99 Botox, but there are also numerous other Serious Benefits. Call Linda for Glow Club details and enrollment information at 830.792.3552


TNS Essential System

November Product of the Month

It’s a new month, so that means it’s time to tell you about the special savings Bella is offering on our most popular product. We hope we will see you over the coming weeks as everyone starts gearing up their Glow for those Holiday parties and photos!

And it’s not too early to start filling up the Christmas stocking with Gift Certificates from Bella. Clicking on the link below will allow you to purchase a Bella Gift Certificate in any amount you choose and either download and print it instantly or have it delivered by email. Click here: Purchase an Instant Gift Certificate

The Bellas – Kathy, Dr. Miloy, Linda, April and Michelle

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TNS Essential System


Back By Popular Demand; Our Guests Ask…Bella Delivers!


Only Available at Bella Luz

This incredible Anti-Aging system is formulated for all skin types.  

Your complete skin renewal system, this revitalizing kit combines clinically proven ingredients including retinoids, antioxidants, growth factors and sun protection.  The combination of products uses growth factors and retinoids to correct prior skin damage while antioxidants and sun protection prevent and protect the skin against future damage.  Together, this system optimally addresses the visible signs of aging and sun damaged skin.

If you ask Kathy why Bella Luz exclusively uses these SkinMedica products, she’ll answer with three words, “Because they work!” 

  The System Includes:

  • 2 TNS Essential Serum – Retail $540
  • 1 Retinol Complex Retail – Retail $90
  • 1 Daily Physical Defense Sunscreen SPF 30+ Retail  $46
  • 1 Travel Size Facial Cleanser – Retail $8

 Total Retail Value       $684 

During November $500 ~ You Save $184

And as always,

A Bella Glow Club Member Bonus! Yay Y’all!

Club members buying The Essential System during November can take an EXTRA $45 of their next Ultimate HydraFacial MD treatment!

Yes, that’s IN ADDITION to the monthly $45 Club Members can deduct from a HydraFacial MD treatment. 

Please Note: SkinMedica has made The Essential System available only to MedSpa’s who have attended an Advanced Training conference, like Bella! The Essential System as a package, with special pricing, will not be available after 2014. Now is a great time to stock up and take advantage of the special pricing from Bella and SkinMedica.

Purchase an Instant Gift Certificate