Woman touching skin or applying cream, isolated

Think You’re Too Young for Botox? Think Again.

Woman touching skin or applying cream, isolated
Many younger women have yet to understand the importance of preventive and proactive skin care, and how getting started now on a skin care regimen can pay huge dividends as they age. Even such treatments as Botox can be started earlier than most people think.

It can be said that if you don’t “crease the envelope”, you’ll never get the line. That’s why early use of Botox can prevent the permanent development of deep, inset wrinkles that will not go away if Botox is started after the fact.

Statistically, the average woman begins to show signs of facial aging around the age of 25. The first signs of aging in women are fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) and around the mouth. The “elevens” in the glabella between the eyebrows is common too. These are areas where Botox is the go to remedy.

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