Kerr County People Cover

Bella Luz is featured on the cover of the January/February 2015 Kerr County People Magazine. Inside, you will learn a lot about the history, philosophy and mission of Bella Luz.

This is a company that never stops innovating. We never stop researching the industry and the medical papers to find new products, services and equipment that we can bring to Kerrville to help us help you get the best results possible to achieve your inner and outer body goals.

Over the next weeks, Bella will be rolling out what might be claimed to be it’s most exciting new service yet ~ Vanquish, a fat reduction and body contouring system. We hope our local Guests will be thrilled about this new incredible technology, but we anticipate to be drawing from afar as there are only about half a dozen of these devices in Texas, and none in the Hill Country area. Learn more about Vanquish here: Melt My Fat!

So keep an eye on us via Facebook, our mailing list, and of course, the Bella Blog!