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Body Contouring. Lose Fat, Lose Inches.


The revolutionary new fat reduction system is now available at Bella Luz!

It took months to search the market to find a fat reducer that actually works. But we did. What sets Vanquish apart from other systems is:

1) It’s ability to contour the body, and

2) It reduces fat (permanently) AND tightens the skin at the same time. No other system we could find can do all of those important tasks.

And it will do this in as few as four sessions with No Pain, No Cutting, and No Downtime!

Not everyone is a candidate, so call for your free consultation to see if Vanquish is indeed what you have been waiting for to lose those stubborn pooches, love handles and saddle bags…and more!

For more information, we have a web site dedicated to Vanquish, click here: Melt My Fat!