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Q: I see you using the term "Guests" at Bella rather than "clients" or "patients". Why is that?

A: The number one thing we want to give everyone who walks through the door at Bella Luz is respect. At Bella, we do things around your needs because we want to be your turn-to partner in your wellness and skin care journey…that soft spot to land.

One way we can demonstrate respect is to be responsive to your needs. For example, we should make sure all our staff are easily accessible for appointments and are able to communicate with you clearly and honestly.

Another way to show respect is by referring to you as our Guest. It's a warmer, friendlier, word. It creates a closer relationship. It helps us remember every day that when you walk through our door, you are our valued Guest and we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Always.

Q: Why should I choose Bella for my Aesthetic services?

A: Today, women spend more time looking for a purse or a pair of shoes than choosing an aesthetics clinician. When choosing a provider of aesthetic services be sure to ask questions. Become knowledgeable. If your injector gets annoyed when you ask questions, you should leave.

You want to know you are in the care of an informed and highly skilled clinician.

A good clinician will honestly tell you which procedures he or she thinks will benefit you and which won¹t and why she won¹t do them.

Lasers, Botox and fillers can provide incredible results for a wide variety of skin issues. But experience, and even artistic ability, counts!

At Bella we pride ourselves in the depth of experience of Kathy Simmons, RN, BSN. Spending more than ten years in the OR assisting San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. McInnis gives her a unique perspective to the anatomy of the face and how it responds to a variety of treatments. Combine this with eight years of injecting and laser treatments at Bella Luz and she has one of the strongest foundations for aesthetics you will find anywhere.


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