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Body Contouring and Fat Reduction for Abdomen, Back and Thighs

No Cutting, No Pain, No Downtime, No Kidding!

Introducing Kybella 

The only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for double chins!

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Fat Reduction and Body Contouring

by Vanquish

If you are having trouble with stubborn fat deposits around your waist, stomach, back and thighs but are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure, then Vanquish may be a good fit for you.

Vanquish is a one-of-a-kind, noninvasive, painless, fat reduction system that has proven results with no surgery, no pain, and no downtime!

Now Available For Thighs, Arms and "Bra Fat" !!!

What is a Vanquish procedure like?

Vanquish is completely safe and painless. Patients may feel a sensation of heat in the targeted areas, but it is not a painful heat . During the procedure, the device never even touches the skin, sending radio-frequency waves into the targeted areas to heat and kill fat cells remotely.

A Vanquish session typically takes around 45 minutes, and the Guest is free to resume their everyday activities immediately afterward. Usually four sessions are needed in order to achieve the best results. After the treatment, the skin may be red or pink and there may be some slight swelling in the affected areas. These side effects do not last long, and usually disappear within a few hours.

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish?

Vanquish can be used on all skin types, and is most often used to reduce unwanted fat deposits around the stomach and waist. If you are genetically pre-dispositioned to fat in the stomach, back or thigh areas, and have been trying but failing to lose weight in that particular area, then Vanquish is probably a good choice. However, Vanquish is not meant to help with obesity or general weight loss.

Vanquish is also a good choice for people with a busy schedule, as the treatments are quick and require no downtime. It is a great option to finally get the body contour you've always wanted!

Important: Hydration during your body contouring treatments is vital. Our fat tissue does not naturally have water in it, so hydrating that tissue is important because the radio frequency is targeting water. Once the treatment is started the radio frequency will start to look for the hydrated fat cells to target and turn into lipids. If you do not have enough hydration the treatment will not be as effective.

Schedule your Vanquish Consultation Today!

If you have been struggling with unwanted fat deposits around the stomach, waist, or thighs, then it may be time to consider Vanquish. Body contouring has never been easier or as pain-free as with this revolutionary treatment! To get more information and schedule your free consultation, Bella has a mini-web site dedicated to Vanquish. Just click to learn more about the new approach to fat reduction and body contouring: >>> CLICK HERE  <<<

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