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All that time in the sun may be catching up with you. We can help!

Melasma is a dark skin discoloration normally found on sun-exposed areas of the face. It is a very common skin disorder. Though it can affect anyone, young women with brownish skin tones are at greatest risk.

Melasma is often associated with the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is especially common in pregnant women (often called the Mask of Pregnancy) women who are taking oral contraceptives, and women taking hormone replacement therapy

Melasma is effectively treated in our office utilizing crystal-free microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light therapy, ablative lasers and utilization of specific skincare products.

Bella Luz MD uses the Reveal Imaging System to take photos of you in ultraviolet light and in other wavelengths so you can see for yourself the current condition of your skin. During the course of your personalized skin care treatment plan , your progress can be monitored.

Treatment Benefits

  • Smooth Skin Tone
  • Reduce Color Variations
  • Attack Sun Damage

Fast Facts

  • No Harm To Surrounding Skin
  • Multiple Treatments Required

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