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The Bella Consultation

The skin evaluation and consultation is the first step to achieving your goals. We provide all of our Guests with a complimentary consultation. On your first visit, and each year thereafter, you will see Dr. Miloy for a brief medical evaluation.

On your first visit to Bella Luz you may expect:

To learn about Bella, meet our staff, and become familiar with the treatments we offer.
You will receive a free photo analysis of your face utilizing our Reveal Imaging System. Among other things, the Reveal Imager allows us to see "under" your skin so we can identify upcoming issues that haven't even surfaced yet.

We will listen to your concerns and want to hear from you what your problem areas are and what you would like to improve.

We will provide you with our opinion on your skin and what areas we can offer treatment solutions.

We will thoroughly discuss how you are caring for your skin at home.

After we go through all these steps, we will design a personalized treatment plan for you that includes how you should care for your skin at home. You will have a copy of the treatment plan to take home with you.

We NEVER pressure our Guests to use any products or services! We only educate you on what steps can be taken to resolve the issues or problem areas you have identified. It's always your choice whether or not to follow the personalized treatment plan you are given.

What to expect

  • To be treated as our Guest.
  • To be given honest, professional advice on how to treat your concerns.
  • For us to Follow-up to make sure "all is well".
  • To hear a story or two from Kathy.

How to get started

  • Call 830.792.3552 and make an appointment for a free consultation.
  • Decide "I'm ready to get my Glow going!"

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